Do you accept that you can trade the world for the better with Crypto, Blockchain, and Tradous? Join the Tradous Affiliate Program, and get compensated for your endeavors when you acquaint your reality with Tradous, the world's driving digital currency minimal risk platform. To apply, kindly fill in this structure, and we will contact you.

How does the Tradous Affiliate Program work?

Suggest Tradous, get compensated! It's that straightforward.

Stage 1: Become a Tradous Affiliate

Create and Share your referral link. Having created your account, copy your referral link from your Tradous Account. You can follow the exhibition of every outside reference you share, This can be tracked from you account data, under the partners' section.

Stage 2: Sit back and procure commissions.

At the point when somebody joins or registers an account on Tradous with your referral link, you can get up to 10% commission each time they complete a deposit transaction. So hustle just a bit, join the program now. See beneath in the event that you meet all requirements for Tradous Affiliate Program. Individual Social media influencer with any rate of 5,000+ supporters or subscribers on at least one social platform namely:

  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • VK
  • Instagram Crypto Communities
  • Community with a base 500 individuals

Communities or gatherings, for example:

  • Telegram
  • WeChat
  • Facebook Group
  • QQ
  • VK

How subsidiaries can acquire more commission?

When somebody joins or registers a record on Tradous with your referral link, you can get up to half commission each time they complete a deposit. So hustle just a bit and offer your Tradous referral link across the entirety of your channels including your companions, devotees and local area individuals to augment your prizes! The ability to give limits is currently with you. Boost your adherents, and local area individuals to join utilizing your referral link by offering them limits up to 10% on Referral commission ! Referral percentage is a 4-tier thus:( 6%-3%-1%-1% ) With Tradous; You, your companion and all network partners Earn Together! Add your referral link to your web-based media accounts depiction to make it simpler for individuals to discover and utilize your Tradous referral link to open a Account. You can put flag promotions on your site. To download the Tradous Affiliate Design Kit for ADs, click here. Creating unique substance utilizing pictures, recordings, and articles identified with Tradous can help you construct better correspondence about Tradous with your local area and furthermore pull in your adherents to utilize your referral link to join on Tradous. Your Referrals will consistently esteem your experiences on the blockchain business. Utilize this chance to share your Tradous referral link with your supporters. Take the activity to present Tradous items and new highlights to your channel's clients. To apply as a representative, kindly access the information below:

Tradous Affiliate Program Membership Evaluation Criteria

At least 30 clients probably joined with your Tradous outside reference. Thusly, your Account level naturally overhauls. At least 10% of the affiliates reference recruits probably conducts at least one trade cycle. The subsidiary should likewise consistently share all pertinent Tradous-related substance with their adherents and networks. If a member doesn't meet the initial two conditions, the partner's references need to arrive at a quarterly least absolute exchanging volume comparable to or surpassing in any event 3 BTC. To apply, if it's not too much trouble, get in touch with us utilizing this connection, and we will contact you.